about SRI


Shinagawa was established since 1875, Shinagawa Refractories Company is Japan’s oldest and most respected refractory supplier. And in 1998, the Shinagawa Refractories Company of Japan together with Thermal Ceramics Australia acquired the technical and manufacturing operations formerly owned by BHP Refractories, to form Shinagawa Thermal Ceramics, the largest manufacturer and supplier of quality, cutting edge refractory products in Australia and beyond. Since then, Shinagawa Japan has taken complete ownership of the company, which is now known as Shinagawa Refractories Australia Pty Ltd.

Our Commitement

In 2014, the Shinagawa Refractories Indonesia has established an enviable reputation for manufacture and supply of quality refractory and insulation materials to respond a rapid economic and industrial growth in Indonesia. PT. Shinagawa Refractories Indonesia determined commitment is to provide specific, reliable and solution refractory to numerous industrial sectors using high temperatures as a process feature such as Iron, Steel, Cement, Petrochemicals, Aluminum, Ferrous and non-Ferrous industries.


Located plant in Citeurep, PT. Shinagawa refractories Indonesia manufactures a range of castable from all of these facilities and supplements this range with materials from other global refractory company such as Shinagawa Refractories (Japan) and Shinagawa Refractories Australia.


Installation Service of Refractories

PT. Shinagawa Refractories Indonesia dedicated management and well-trained staff consist of experienced professionals with multiple education backgrounds in refractory, metallurgy and engineering. With years of experience and equipped with state-of-the-art tools and equipment, PT. Shinagawa Refractories Indonesia has the ability to move in quickly and efficiently to meet the demanding schedule and budget constraint on every project undertaken.